About Us


MicroSynergies provides the world’s most diverse portfolio of commercially available microbes and we use our passion and expertise to create microbial synergies with all forms of life.

MicroSynergies is a microbial biotechnology company specializing in the procurement, formulation, scientific research, import, export, and blending and packaging of beneficial organisms.

Our manufacturing facility and headquarters is based near Milwaukee, Wisconsin– the “Silicon Valley of microbes”– with partner sites in Ecuador and Mexico.

Our key markets include the US, LATAM, Oceania and Southeast Asia.

Our products and solutions have been developed for multiple business areas including: direct-fed microbials for livestock, probiotics for companion animals, silage inoculants, environmental remediation, plant health, aquaculture, and bioenergy. 

MicroSynergies has built a reputation for its R&D focus on creating strong, stable, active, and diverse microbial solutions. We have an extensive global supply network that provides multiple sources for the top selling organisms, so you never have to worry about supply risk.

We deliver value by striking a strong balance between product solutions and economic value. Our operation is designed to provide high-touch capabilities and flexibility to meet both routine and unique customer needs.

What Makes Us Unique?



MicroSynergies has extensive management experience, with a team that comes from several of the largest microbial companies in the world.



We have the industry know-how that goes beyond sourcing, growing, blending, and packaging– we are a research and formulation company as well.


Access & Service

We provide the most popular commercially used microbes with attention to detail and delivery performance. 

Our History

MicroSynergies was founded in 2007 by Roy Glocke, who held high-level roles at companies such as Chr. Hansen and Lallemand.

We began as a manufacturers’ representative company– and after Brad Glocke took over the company, we transitioned into a biological products manufacturing company.

In 2022, MicroSynergies moved into our new headquarters and brought on individual partners, who have the industry and business expertise to take the company to the next level.


JAN 2007
JAN 2007

Our Beginning

Founded by Roy Glocke as a manufacturer's
representative company.

JUL 2018
JUL 2018

Changing Hands

MicroSynergies acquired by Roy's son, Brad Glocke.

JUN 2020
JUN 2020

Partnership in Ecuador

John Weir becomes MicroSynergies' representative in South America and our Chief Technical Director of LATAM, Oceania, and Southeast Asia.

JAN 2021
JAN 2021

Biological Products Manufacturing

Sister company, BacPackers LLC -- our manufacturing arm-- is founded, to later be folded into a single company: MicroSynergies LLC.

SEP 2021
SEP 2021

Industry Partnership

Brad Glocke, Roy Glocke, Barry Keller, and Brian Carroll found Fortis Bioscience LLC-- a biotechnology company focused on growing bacterial cultures.

NOV 2021
NOV 2021

Expansion into Mexico

MicroSynergies starts expansion into Mexico in a relationship with John Weir (our Chief Technical Director in LATAM, Oceania, and Southeast Asia) and Juan Pedro Romero (Groupo ISA).

JUN 2022
JUN 2022

Facility Expansion

MicroSynergies moves into its brand new faciltiy in Glendale, Wisconsin-- which is customized for biological products manufacturing.

Overview of Our History

We are grateful for all of our customers, employees, and partners who have helped us grow over the years– and we look forward to serving all of you in the years to come!

600%+Growth in the Past 5 Years

500+Bacterial Species and Enzymes Available to Our Customers

7Continents Where Our Network of Microbes Are Used-- Yes, Even Antarctica

Meet Our Team

Barry Keller

Partner & Chief Executive Officer

Brad Glocke

Partner & Chief Technical Officer

Brian Carroll

Partner & General Counsel

Roy Glocke

Partner & Chief Technical Advisor

John Weir Falquez

Chief Technical Director LATAM, Oceana & Southeast Asia

Catherine Gutich

Executive Office Manager

Amy Lintner

Operations Planning Manager

Joe Spicer

Documentation & Training Specialist

Yuri Gutich

Lead Production Technican/Material Handler

Brenda McClain


Scott Schlenner

Production Manager

Felix Kowarick

Customer Logistics Manager

John Tennant


Scott Hass

Maintenance Manager

Tom Clark

Lead Production Technician

Eli Nedeau-Owen

Lead Production Technician

Dale Lempa

Technical Sales Support Manager

Shelly Dretzka

Human Resources Manager

Jake Harman

Sr. Production Technician

Dan Wood

Lead Production Technician

Claudia Weir

Latin American Operations Director

Amanda Prellwitz

Sales & Marketing Director

Michael Graham

Engineering Manager

Vai Xiong

Production Technician

Looking For More Information?

We're happy to help you determine the best microbial culture for your needs. If you already know what you're looking for, please let us know the species, concentration, and quantity needed.