Blending & Packaging

Blending, Packaging, and Logistics Tailored to Your Needs

MicroSynergies’ manufacturing capabilities take your product from concept and formulation through blending and packaging to storage and distribution:

    • Batch blending from 1 to 3,000 kilograms with multiple batch capability for larger orders.
    • Refrigerated, frozen, and temperate storage on site.
    • Ample warehouse space for storing raw ingredients and customized packaging.
    • Biological products-specific ERP tools to ensure accurate cell counts and formulation.
    • Automated and semi-automated packaging lines for foil bags, bottles, and bulk products.
    • On-demand label printing for customized orders.
    • Shipment logistics from commercial carriers to semi-automated pallet wrapping and refrigerated freight services.
    • Blind drop-shipping of your product directly to customers.

We target the quality standard of Safe Feed/Safe Food certification. High levels of facility and equipment cleanliness are maintained to remove risks of cross contamination and provide a safe working environment.

Blending and Packaging Capabilities

We have the expertise and capability to package products in multiple sizes of pouches, bottles, pails, drums and bulk bags. Shipment packaging is carefully chosen and prepared to ensure your products arrive in excellent condition and perform as expected. Our team stands ready to find creative ways to solve your packaging challenges.

Looking For More Information?

We're happy to help you determine the best microbial culture for your needs. If you already know what you're looking for, please let us know the species, concentration, and quantity needed.