Contract Fermentation

Contract Fermentation Tailored to Your Needs

Great probiotic manufacturers spend both years and plenty of money in researching and developing their proprietary strains. But sometimes products require the use of a highly specific strain— either for regulatory reasons, label claims, efficacy, or for all these reasons. This is where custom contract fermentation comes into play.

With custom contract fermentation, leading bulk culture manufacturers can use their existing knowledge and infrastructure to setup fermentations of strain-specific cultures for companies seeking to further differentiate their biological-based products in the marketplace.

If you’re looking for custom contract fermentation, MicroSynergies may be able to help with strain selection, sourcing, and contract fermentation of your specific strain or one in our library.

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Choosing Custom Fermentation

Deciding on contract fermentation may seem straightforward but there are some factors to consider. To get right to the point, custom fermentation is usually more expensive— especially at the onset— than choosing an in-production culture of the same species. This is because, generally speaking, a production schedule will need to be adjusted for your specific fermentation and additional lab analysis performed to insure optimal growth and stability. Yet, as the volume of fermentation orders for the custom strain continues to rise and the market sees your product as something that no one else has or can get access to, the benefits may outweigh the costs.

Looking For More Information?

We're happy to help you determine the best microbial culture for your needs. If you already know what you're looking for, please let us know the species, concentration, and quantity needed.